Cap Compression Machine


Low melting temperature,means energy saving and low cap cost.

No injection point,means better performance.

An effctive control of the production repeatability.

Machine is easier and quicker to manage.

Longer efficiency periods of the machine.

Reduced and easier machine maintenance.

Machine Bottle Cap Forming Principle:

Cap molding machine is for making caps from plastic materials.The heated materials are extruded from extruder,cutted by segregation plate through screw driving and shared to each cavity equably,then molded to be caps by forming system. The machine is controlled by PLC,including frequency control system,hydraulic system,temperature control system and cooling system.The operating system is easy and automatic with man-machine conversation. As same production capacity,its cost is much lower than produced caps from injection machine.It perfects products with this technology,since there is no gate on cap or no waste of hot runner.

Technical Parameter:

型号 Model DRCM-18C DRCM-24C DRCM-32C DRCM-48C
产量 Production Capacity 17000~18000 pcs/h 23000~24000 pcs/h 31000~32000 pcs/h 47000~48000 pcs/h
瓶盖直径 Cap Diameter 20~42mm 20~42mm 20~42mm 20~42mm
瓶盖高度 Cap Height 10~30mm 10~30mm 10~30mm 10~30mm
瓶盖材料 Cap Material PP/PE PP/PE PP/PE PP/PE
模腔数 Mold Cavity 18 24 32 48
电压 Power 380v/3ph/50Hz 380v/3ph/50Hz 380v/3ph/50Hz 380v/3ph/50Hz
装机功率 Installation Power 30KW 50KW 75KW 95KW
耗电量 Air Consumption 0.9m3/hr,0.8Mpa 1.4m3/hr,1.0Mpa 2.8m3/hr,1.0Mpa 3.6m3/hr,1.0Mpa
机器尺寸 Machine Dimension 2660*1200*2000mm 3800*1550*2100mm 5500*3600*2100mm 6000*3600*2150mm
机器重量 Machine Weight 2.1T 3.0T 4.8T 5.8T

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